2016 Legislative Report


2016 Legislation Details

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Updated: Feb 2016

January 22 Last day to submit bill requests to the Office of Legislative Counsel
February 19 Last day for bills to be introduced
March 17 Spring Recess begins at the end of this day
March 28 Legislature reconvenes from Spring Recess
April 22 Last day for policy committees to hear fiscal bills
May 6 Last day for policy committees to hear nonfiscal bills
May 13 Last day for policy committees to meet prior to June 6
May 27 Last day for fiscal committees to hear bills
May 27 Last day for fiscal committee to meet prior to June 6
May 31 – June 1 Floor session only. No committee may meet for any purpose.
June 6 Committee meetings may resume.
June 15 Budget must be passed by midnight
July 1 Last day for policy committees to report bills
July 1 Summer Recess begins at the end of this day
August 1 Legislature reconvenes from Summer Recess
August 12 Last day for fiscal committees to report bills
August 15-31 Floor Session only. No committees may meet
August 19 Last day to amend bills on the Floor
August 31 Last day for each house to pass bills
September 30 Last day for Governor to sign or veto bills


AB 52(Gray D) Public accommodation: construction-related accessibility claims.

AB 298(Gonzalez D) Fish and wildlife: violations

AB 539(Levine D) Search warrants

AB 888(Bloom D) Waste management: plastic microbeads.

AB 1323(Frazier D) Marine debris: removal and disposal.

SB 143(Stone R) Diamond Valley Reservoir:recreational use.




AB 299 (Brown D) Public health: drownings.

AB 353 (Lackey R) Protected species: take:Bouquet Canyon: habitat restoration project.

AB 367 (Dodd D) Clear Lake.

AB 392 (Atkins D) San Diego River Conservancy

AB 484 (Gipson D) California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank:insurance.

AB 549 (Levine D) State park system: revenue generation program: reports.

AB 617 (Perea D) Groundwater.

AB 638 (Frazier D) Vessels: personal flotation devices.

AB 678 (O’Donnell D) Greenhouse gases: Energy Efficient Port Program.

AB 694 (Rendon D) State Coastal Conservancy: low-cost accommodations.

AB 759 (Linder R) Recreational vehicles.

AB 1047 (Bigelow R) Dams and reservoirs: fees.

AB 1074 (Garcia, Cristina D) Alternative fuels: infrastructure.

AB 1178 (Achdjian R) Vehicles: manufacturers and distributors.

AB 1205 (Gomez D) The California River Revitalization and Greenway Development Act of 2015.

AB 1274 (Stone D) Public lands: geological or geophysical surveys.

AB 1312 (O’Donnell D) Ballast water management.

AB 1398 (Wilk R) Environmental quality: the Sustainable Environmental Protection Act.

AB 1427 (Lackey R) Fish and Game Commission hearings.

AB 1442 (O’Donnell D) Motor vehicle fuel: gasohol.

AB 1454 (Wagner R) State policy for water quality control: California Ocean Plan.

SB 37 (Nielsen R) Water: floods.

SB 63 (Hall D) Seaport Infrastructure financing districts.

SB 141 (McGuire D) Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District Act: land use.

SB 162 (Galgiani D) Treated wood waste: disposal.

SB 204 (Pavley D) State parks.

SB 223 (Galgiani D) Division of Boating and Waterways: oversight committee: invasive aquatic plants.

SB 233 (Hertzberg D) Marine resources and preservation.

SB 234 (Wolk D) Wildlife management areas: payments.

SB 345 (Berryhill R) The Sport Fishing Stimulus Act of 2015.

SB 397 (Fuller R) Off-highway vehicles.

SB 477 (Leyva D) Property tax postponement: mobilehomes and floating homes.

SB 625 (Galgiani D) Waste management: synthetic plastic microbeads

SB 664 (Hertzberg D) Water: integrated regional water management planning.

SB 734 (De Leon D) State lands acquizitions: public transperancy.

SB 772 (Stone R) Bay Delta Conversation Plan: judicial review.

SB 788 (McGuire D) California Coastal Protection Act of 2015.

SB 790 (Allen D) State Coastal Conservancy: state policy.

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